Friday, May 18, 2007

We The People Of America Need Your Support To Open A National Discussion About 9/11

Sent via email on May 19, 2007 - 1:31 am

Dear Roland:

We The People Of America have many questions regarding the events of 9/11 that continue to go unanswered not only from our government, but among leading voices in our national media.

I am a supporter of Ron Paul and at first I was aghast at what appeared to be an orchestrated set up, circle the wagons and slam dunk attack by FOX News and Sir Rudy earlier this week. Ron Paul mentioned the term "blowback" in reference to our misguided foreign policy which seems to have worked more to meddle with and terrorize other countries into submitting to our dominion. Sir Rudy's comments against Ron Paul have indeed been a blessing in disguise for ever since there's been a growing worldwide firestorm of attention to not only Ron Paul, but to the many gaps and holes in the government's official "conspiracy theory" regarding 9/11.

Since Tuesday's debate I've read, listened to and watched video clips of many of the leading pundits comment about what I would like refer to as this historic "Rudy Paul Blowback Moment". Tonight, my wife and kids went to bed early, but something made me get up in the middle of the night to grab a donut and pour a glass of milk. I logged onto the net and found in my "in box" a reference to your May 18th article, "Paul's 9/11 explanation deserves to be debated", in which you wrote:

"Paul tried to explain the process known as "blowback" -- which is the result of someone else's action coming back to afflict you -- but the audience drowned him out as the other candidates tried to pounce on him. After watching all the network pundits laud Giuliani, it struck me that they must be the most clueless folks in the world. First, Giuliani must be an idiot to not have heard Paul's rationale before. That issue has been raised countless times in the last six years by any number of experts. Second, when we finish with our emotional response, it would behoove us to actually think about what Paul said and make the effort to understand his rationale."

I, like you, believe that Ron Paul's explanation deserves to be debated. Over the past few days I have written to Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin - see and - requesting their help to begin a New National Debate among We The People Of America about the events and truth behind 9/11. On the morning following the debate I heard Laura verbally flush and put down Ron Paul as "a nut job". A day later I watched a video clip of Michelle Malkin being interviewed by John Gibson over on Fox News and, like her - but from a different perspective - I am really concerned about how this "9/11 Truth Virus" seems to be infecting the matrix of lies regarding 9/11.

Addressing these concerns I would like to invite you to be our guest next week to talk about this issue on a public cable access show here in Chicago which I Co-Host, "Citizens Forum" on CAN-TV. Three weeks ago we already secured plans to record 3 1/2 hour shows with our special guest, Prof. Jim Fetzer, Founder of "Scholars For 9/11 Truth" - see We are going to begin taping these shows beginning at 5 pm next Thursday at the CAN-TV studios which are located at 322 South Green Street here in Chicago - just a few blocks from Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios - see After our taping we are going to be heading to 333 North Michigan Avenue where there's going to be screening of Aaron Russo's movie, "America: Freedom To Fascism", sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Chicago, that begins at 7 pm. The following day we will be in Evanston at the "Pick A Cup Coffee Club", 1813 Dempster, where Prof. Jim Fetzer - beginning at 7:30 pm - will be discussing his 9/11 research and sign copies of his new book, "911 Conspiracy: The Scamming Of America".

We The People of America need to have a National Presidential Debate about the events of 9/11. As a voter I would like to know where all the candidates stand relative to the events of 9/11. If I were Brit Hume here are just some of the questions I would want to pose to candidates on both sides of the isle as follows: :

1) What candidates actually believe that Arab terrorists orchestrated the events of 9/11 and why?

2) Why was all the steel from the World Trade Center towers to be shipped to China where it was melted down without any serious analysis?

3) How do the candidates account for the fact that virtually ALL the concrete - and the vast majority of steel - turned to dust-power that spread 1-2+ inches thick over lower Manhattan?

4) How do the candidates account for the hundreds of cars - including fire engine ladders - several blocks away which appear to be virtually "toasted" by a source of high energy with melted steel and rubber on the wheels that vanished?

5) Why does the official CNN video of the second tower "hit" omit buildings, trees and lampposts which were there on 9/11 and remain there today?

6) Why did WTC buildings 1, 2 & 7 collapse in what appeared to be a perfectly orchestrated controlled demolition?

We The People of America would like to know who among you or your colleagues in the major corporate media establishment has the guts to address these and other questions regarding the events of 9/11 within the context of this election. If you would like to STOP this "9/11 Truth Virus" from spreading more lies around the corporate-government matrix you and your colleagues owe it to yourselves to appear on shows like ours here in Chicago to discuss these and other issues with Jim Fetzer in an open forum that is free from restraint or conditions. Again, We The People Of America need to begin to have an open airing of these and other issues that relate-connect to and through the events surrounding 9/11.

I am sorry, but this "War On Terror" appears to have taken on the quality of a religion of a New International World Disorder. You have two eyes, two ears and a brain. Before we invade any more countries and put any more of our sons and daughters in harms way don't you think a Presidential debate on the events of 9/11 would be appropriate?

Please note that I will be sending other letters to other members of our local and national media to ask for their help to support this idea of engaging in a "new" national conversation about the truth concerning 9/11. I will remain patient as this process unfolds.

Thanks for reading this.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Co-Host, Citizens Forum Public Cable Access Show, Chicago
Co-Host with Ed & Elaine Brown on Republic Broadcasting Network
Member, The Freedom Fellowship
Volunteer, America: Freedom To Fascism
Chairman, Chicago Chapter of Freedom Force International Regional & State Coordinator, We The People Congress

PS. It might be instructive to see Aaron Russo's movie, "America: Freedom To Fascism" for Ron Paul is in it!